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A Cup-of-Tea Kind of Day

It’s been a cup-of-tea kind of day. One cup after another. Check emails. Nothing. Check Twitter. Not interested. Search the web. Too slow.

I’m slowly looking back to me in my early twenties, and I want what he had. young, dumb and full of cum. A flexible mind that went everywhere. Could think itself round corners and slide laterally to come up with solutions to problems that could be recognised as worthy by the majority of the western world.

~But the world knows he wasn’t perfect. Too fickle, not confident. No discipline. Nothing ever came of those ideas, of course, although we’ve seen some of them come to market recently. nothing came of it because there was o belief, no recognition that ‘this could work’, that people might welcome these things into their lives.

So what my life needs is the flexibility of thought that ‘he’ had, with everything that I’ve learnt since added on. I’ve seen many amazing things and met so many interesting people. I’ve learnt more about myself than i thought possible.

It’s possible that the two can’t be linked – that my knowledge and habits now preclude that flexibility of mind that i’m looking for. But i’ll look none the less.

In the meantime it’s looks like i’m going to put the kettle on again. i really like sitting in the garden with my oversized mug and the cat playing at my feet. time to breathe. Time for a really good cup of tea.


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