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Calendar Series #8 of 8

I finally cave on day 8 of the Calendar series! Check #1 to see what I was trying to do 🙂

Merry Christmas one and all xx

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I’d Forgotten How Much I Enjoy This

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I Wanted To Write Something Creative

I wanted to write something creative

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This is what I am going to DO

This is what I am going to DO

I like this blog.

I like the idea of writing whatever I want and that there might be someone, however remote, who might take an interest.

Following from that, I like using my typewriter to write short pieces of text.

These short pieces of text can be quite self-serving, but they can also be surreal stories, peoms or anecdotes that may be of interest to you.

What I am going to do is put these typewritten pieces up on the blog.

This is good for a couple of reasons;

  • I like writing them
  • You might like reading them
  • They don;t go on and on; generally i’ll stop at one page.
  • They are spontaneous and, as far as can make them, ‘true’. That is, I am not trying to contrive some end purpose or result, i just enjoy doing it for the sake of doing it.

So, what I will do is put up a ‘typewriter bubble’ every day or so. I may dip into my back catalogue (as I will do for the first one, just to see if it works – i.e. if its readable).

This will interest me and, the good lord willing, you.

These pieces have not been published or otherwise shown to the public before. I hope that this will not alter the way that I write them. I’m not sure if that matters.

About seven years ago I wrote something and someone said ’tis is of no interest to us, it’s boring, whay would we want to hear this?’. this hurt and I didn’t put any more of my writing out there again.

No doubt this will happen again, thanks to the multitude of opinons out there on the internet. We will just have to see how it goes.

I am going to write a new page called Claimer/Disclaimer, that will attempt to set out what I am trying to do and not do with the ‘typwriter bubbles’ (I’m for-ever blow-ing bubbles…)

Here goes then! Thanks for watching…




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The Biggest Day of This Photon’s Life


This story deals with a seeming paradox in the world of quantum physics. That is, that light can be proven to be both a particle and a wave, depending on how you look at it. It stems from theories and experiments from the mid-twentieth century; Einstein and all that.


It was the big day for this photon – there he sits, snugly, in the particle accelerator, waiting for the green light.

For months he has been preparing for this moment; hanging out with the larger electrons, learning ow they came to be as big as they are, while he was still barely a nucleus.

To the mesons and bosons he had spoken, whilst they raced along backwards and forwards, (and sometimes both!). From them he learned the order of things, the ‘elimentariness’ of the world.

And now he was ready, sitting there, waiting for the electromagnets to warm up. Soon he would be journeying, at the speed of light, towards the most important event of his life!

Soon it came – the hum in the background, the green light came on – he was off! Out through the barrel of the gun he went, out into the unknown, out into the world!

And there it was – the famous dark screen that his contemporaries had whispered about. ‘Be careful,’ they had said, ‘for a choice awaits you there. Beware of That Which Watches.’

Onwards he hurtled, and then he saw them – two there were, many many orders of magnitude larger than himself – looming, gaping holes in the screen. He knew his purpose then, he knew what he was here to do. He braced himself,preparing for that most sacred act that a photon can perform.

He concentrated and, slowly but surely, as he sped along, his whole being stretched, blurred, smoothed and spread. He was going for it! He was now truly a wave, spreading though the ether, a movement of energy, not of particles; propagating himself towards the voids in the screen.

But wait! What is this? As he approaches the screen he can see, concealed behind each hole – particle detectors!

‘Oh no!’ he thought – ‘if That Which Watches’ is expecting a particle, how will It notice me, if am but a wave?’ Losing his concentration completely, the photon collapses back into a single particle, and just scrapes through one of the holes in the screen…

And there he is picked up by one of the detectors, like an all-seeing orb, as passes on to the sensitive plate beyond.

the photon hits this new plate and comes to rest, the agony of the journey and the energy expended in collapsing from wave to particle finally spent, all remaining of him a single spot on a photographic plate.


In another world a human being looks up from a small photographic plate and turns to another human, saying ‘You see, Albert, I told you light was a particle…’

Thanks to Sarah de Nordwall and the Scanners crew for inspiration and support.

Disclaimer: I know the physics isn’t bang on; it’s just a story x


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” I haven’t met anyone who regretted following their dreams”

I’ve just finished watching John’s interview with Tom Hodgkinson. Tom wrote How to Be Free which a friend bought me for christmas.

his book, i can confidently say, is what started me on the road to being where i am now. Ten months later i have given up my job as a school teacher and jumped feet-first into self employment.

Tom, in the interview, is absolutely right when he says that noone regrets going after their dreams. Even if this inventor lark doesn’t work out financially or whatever, it will still have been orth it. Just to know that it was something that i could do, and that i did it, gives a lovely warm feeling that would make office-drones puke.

Shortly after reading it i got help, from John, in the form of support and encouragement. John says that the ideal is to play all day and get paid. (one out of two so far, John!)

I got on to John through the ideas of Barbara Sher, who says that its okay to be intereseted in lots of different things, not just one thing. Halleluliah!

Its still early days, but at least im enjoying it 🙂

So thanks to everyone who’s influenced me a long the way, and to everyone who i’ve yet meet!




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A day of tidying up

weel, just got on with it today. seems that no matter how much clearing up there is to do, it always takes the same amount o time to do it.

Its good a t the moment, working rom home and under my own steam. Got to live the life you love, eh Barbara Sher?

For example, yesterday, instead of doin my usual research and development stuff here at home (and in the shed), i drove some friends to deepest Shropshire, where they filmed an actual hermit living on a hillside. Quite a sociable guy (for a hermit) and bloody lovely surroundings. Was  a good day.

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