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Population Explosion

The reasons for the population explosion of the 19th and 20th centuries became clear shortly after society crumbled, sometime in the 21st century.

It was at about this time, sadly just too late for many, that a power source both clean and immeasurable was discovered. Such was the depth and beauty of this source that engines for harnessing its power could be built with the simplest tools by anyone half conversant in the new technology.

The ready availability and exceptionally low cost of this power source had an equalising affect on the population of the Earth at that time. All material goods, personal gain and one-upmanship became something of a misnomer, once any person could produce as much of any item as they desired. There suddenly seemed to be no point to it all.

And, by and by, this lead to the invention of the time machine. It behoved people to return just a short time in the long history of this planet, (you could only stay on this planet; travel to other solar systems or even other planets was clearly a complete waste of time, due to the ridiculous distances involved), to the period perceived as the ‘boom-time’ in the long story of the Earth – the industrial and technological revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries.

It must have been a great time to be in, went the reasoning, as there were so many people around at the time…

As you may be able to tell by now, what actually happened is that almost half the people on the planet at that time were in fact not from that time, but from a short time in the future.

The situation was such that you had people leveraging their knowledge and savvy to become the oligarchs of that famed period in hostory, whilst certain ‘thrill-seekers’ spent time in the most overcrowded and inhospitable areas of the world – living life on the very edge of survival.

It got to such a point that these people, somewhat foolishly, did not keep track of the date. Hence, society duly crumbled, due to obvious reasons, and the majority died with the rest of humanity.

Those that were left after that horrendous time had a different perspective on it all, and promptly invented the new power source – and so it went on.


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This is what I am going to DO

This is what I am going to DO

I like this blog.

I like the idea of writing whatever I want and that there might be someone, however remote, who might take an interest.

Following from that, I like using my typewriter to write short pieces of text.

These short pieces of text can be quite self-serving, but they can also be surreal stories, peoms or anecdotes that may be of interest to you.

What I am going to do is put these typewritten pieces up on the blog.

This is good for a couple of reasons;

  • I like writing them
  • You might like reading them
  • They don;t go on and on; generally i’ll stop at one page.
  • They are spontaneous and, as far as can make them, ‘true’. That is, I am not trying to contrive some end purpose or result, i just enjoy doing it for the sake of doing it.

So, what I will do is put up a ‘typewriter bubble’ every day or so. I may dip into my back catalogue (as I will do for the first one, just to see if it works – i.e. if its readable).

This will interest me and, the good lord willing, you.

These pieces have not been published or otherwise shown to the public before. I hope that this will not alter the way that I write them. I’m not sure if that matters.

About seven years ago I wrote something and someone said ’tis is of no interest to us, it’s boring, whay would we want to hear this?’. this hurt and I didn’t put any more of my writing out there again.

No doubt this will happen again, thanks to the multitude of opinons out there on the internet. We will just have to see how it goes.

I am going to write a new page called Claimer/Disclaimer, that will attempt to set out what I am trying to do and not do with the ‘typwriter bubbles’ (I’m for-ever blow-ing bubbles…)

Here goes then! Thanks for watching…




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This is it

This is it.

i’ve had enough.

I’ve tried. I’ve tried freaking everything.

Now i’m just going to have to DO.

Let me explain…

I was dissatisfied with my life. Something wasn’t right, but i didn;t know what.

I thought about it a lot. I read self-help books. I attended workshops and seminars. I did all the exercises they suggested. I contacted my ‘spirit partners’. I labelled everything in my house. I wrote down my core values.


But I still did not know what it was that i wanted. I was still dissatisfied.

I made changes.

I quit my job and became self employed. I thought I wanted to be an inventor – i could always go back to teaching if it didn;t work out.

I do want to be n inventor, but that’s not all i want to be.

I am still dissatisfied.

I wanted to find out what my values are. What motivates me? No point in doing anything unless you know why you’re doing it, right?

Fair enough. But i don’t know. I just don’t know.

Something tells me that i may never know.

this is cary and not a little unnerving. but what other honest answer is there?

So I don’t know what my values are, why i do the things i do. But there, right there, is the key!

What i Do want, what i DO want to do, is to find out what it is that i want to do.

this kind of thinking hurts my head, but lets work with it.

under this question (what do i want to do?), i am suddenly released from constrictive labelling and marketting-speak pitches about who i am or whatever.

Suddenly, in a way, i am free.

I am free to do what I want to do, without worrying about why i am doing it. I can do things that i am drawn to, that interst me ( i have a short little span of attention, or so it feels).

Payment will come later, i’m sure, (do not tell my bank manager this – it does not make for a good business plan).

So, okay Philip, you can do what you want to do. Congratu-fucking-lations.

What are you going to do?

I’m so glad you asked!

(you didn’t; that was a literary device that probably has some name, of which i am unaware, but bear with me)

That, my friend, is for the next post!

I tend to waffle when confronted with an endless piece of digital paper, so i’m forcing myself into breaking this up into a two-parter.

See you on the next post (that’s the one above, if you’re reading this on a big long page)




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Spiritual matters

It really does.

I thought about developing products that help lead people towards the spiritual, but not in a new-agey kind of way. in an effective way.

First up i did some research – google etc. What I got was predictable enough – beads, prayer mats, buddhas, handbags (handbags?).

Not much to go on there – if people were inclined towards the ‘spiritual’ they will already have these.

So it seems what i’m talking about here is things that make people better people. So first, I thought, you have to identify what makes people worse poeple.

What do i mean by ‘worse’? I don’t mean violent or bitchy or anything too obvious like that, as i view these traits as symptoms rather than causes.

What i’m getting at is ‘what makes people not people’? When they are absorbed, mindless and passive. this made my search for what makes people worse people very easy!

Television, video games, computers.

All these things remove your necessity to act, to engage and to think independent, creative thoughts. they make you not a person.

Or so i thought.

What about nature programs, where you watch them, you are engaged and you see the world differently afterwards? Even more subtly programs like Strictly or X-factor allow you greater ability to socialse with your peer group, an important human trait.

Compter games do involve a degree of problem solving, of thinking in a certain way, and OMMRPG’s allow you to interact, creating a non-linear (as opposed to; do this, then this, then this…) environment.

however, they don;t leave you with anything; they allow only limited avenues for expression (all predetermined by program), and nothing physical, no physical experience (other than back ache) at the end of them.

TV involves no interaction on the part of the viewer. how can children use their imagination when it’s all there for them in brightly coloured 3D?

In addition to this, they are hypnotic. the tendency is for us to become passive and to just watch more, and more. and more. clearly this is less human than the hunter-gatherer type behaviour of our forefathers.

So, where am I now?

I don’t know. Asides from a sharp stick, i can’t think of anything right now that will inspire people to engage more with the world around them.

I am reading a lot of books about quantum physics, that are showing me a differnt way of looking at the world. Who knows.

What is important is that this i really important to me, and that i am trying. I am trying to help people be themselves, not what they are told they can be.

That can’t be a bad thing, right?

Anyone got any comments that will push me forward on this, would be most appreciated.




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No Adverts!

In exchange for something we want, we will agree to look at a certain quantity of advertising.

This is understood as a form of exchange – you give me free email, I get adverts down the side of the page. There are many examples of this.

But what are we exchanging? Our attention? The use of some part of our brain, connected to the visual cortex? Whatever it is, advertisers hope that it is more or less directly connected to an impulse to follow the advert, eventually allowing someone to connect to our bank accounts.

Many people don’t click through or, if asked, wouldn’t say that they even look at the adverts. However, they are still there, pulling on your attention, at the edge of your vision.

There’s a big question here:

Is the source of this attention finite or infinite? If infinite, then we are getting a good exchange. But, if it is finite, or somehow degradable, we may not realise the consequences of such transactions – until it is too late…

[cue ominous roll of thunder and flash of lightning, briefly illuminating your fear-filled face]




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Begining to Start to Think

Okay, so i don’t feel ‘like’ other inventors. There are websites. there are clubs. but they don’t feel right.

The world, IMHO, does not need more electric carving knives or rotary toothbrushes. How about products that help people learn or, better yet, help people want to learn? I came up with an idea a while back for a bookmark that will help people doing research – books, dissertations etc. That felt right, or at least along the right lines.

Somehow i want to help people open up their lives a little bit, engage with the scary, uncomfortable but real world. Where i am at the moment it seems like that means less products, not more.

I feel like a politician proposing the dissolution of all governments. And thats not going to be an extremely popular idea. In fact, its scary and uncomfortable.

Play is another thing. Not idle play that is just a distraction, but real play that is inspiring and full of wonder. That, i guess, is why i came up with the marble game.

Learning is the same – not consuming factoids at an ever-increasing rate, but real, inspiring, wonderful learning that helps you look at the world in new and unexpected ways.

I’m not sure what this all adds up to yet, but the direction feels right. As long as i can stay away from this being simply an artistic or aesthetic concept. If i can put this into practice, then that will feel right, to me.



PS: If, for some reason, you do not have full motor control of your arm or wrist, as many people do not, then electric carving knives are a good, helpful product. Thing is; for what proportion of electric carving knife owners is this the case?


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A Cup-of-Tea Kind of Day

It’s been a cup-of-tea kind of day. One cup after another. Check emails. Nothing. Check Twitter. Not interested. Search the web. Too slow.

I’m slowly looking back to me in my early twenties, and I want what he had. young, dumb and full of cum. A flexible mind that went everywhere. Could think itself round corners and slide laterally to come up with solutions to problems that could be recognised as worthy by the majority of the western world.

~But the world knows he wasn’t perfect. Too fickle, not confident. No discipline. Nothing ever came of those ideas, of course, although we’ve seen some of them come to market recently. nothing came of it because there was o belief, no recognition that ‘this could work’, that people might welcome these things into their lives.

So what my life needs is the flexibility of thought that ‘he’ had, with everything that I’ve learnt since added on. I’ve seen many amazing things and met so many interesting people. I’ve learnt more about myself than i thought possible.

It’s possible that the two can’t be linked – that my knowledge and habits now preclude that flexibility of mind that i’m looking for. But i’ll look none the less.

In the meantime it’s looks like i’m going to put the kettle on again. i really like sitting in the garden with my oversized mug and the cat playing at my feet. time to breathe. Time for a really good cup of tea.

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