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Reading an old teaching resource from 1990, about magnetism in primary schools. i really like magnets – they are so wierd and wonderful! I’m sure its possible to create a toy of some kind that will use magnets in a way not used before. I think they’re really under-used… doubtless you’ve seen many magnetic toys, but, really, they’e mostly the same kind of stuff.

Some people also think they’re dangerous… fair enough.

However, i still think their propertie are underused. IUsually its just ‘clunk’, magnets go together, ‘schtunk’ magnets come apart. How about something more subtle? This video on Youtube has an interesting use – go to7 mins 8 secs to see.


Anyway, this thought goes on the back burner until its fermented nicely, then i mioght be able to grow something from it..


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