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Begining to Start to Think

Okay, so i don’t feel ‘like’ other inventors. There are websites. there are clubs. but they don’t feel right.

The world, IMHO, does not need more electric carving knives or rotary toothbrushes. How about products that help people learn or, better yet, help people want to learn? I came up with an idea a while back for a bookmark that will help people doing research – books, dissertations etc. That felt right, or at least along the right lines.

Somehow i want to help people open up their lives a little bit, engage with the scary, uncomfortable but real world. Where i am at the moment it seems like that means less products, not more.

I feel like a politician proposing the dissolution of all governments. And thats not going to be an extremely popular idea. In fact, its scary and uncomfortable.

Play is another thing. Not idle play that is just a distraction, but real play that is inspiring and full of wonder. That, i guess, is why i came up with the marble game.

Learning is the same – not consuming factoids at an ever-increasing rate, but real, inspiring, wonderful learning that helps you look at the world in new and unexpected ways.

I’m not sure what this all adds up to yet, but the direction feels right. As long as i can stay away from this being simply an artistic or aesthetic concept. If i can put this into practice, then that will feel right, to me.



PS: If, for some reason, you do not have full motor control of your arm or wrist, as many people do not, then electric carving knives are a good, helpful product. Thing is; for what proportion of electric carving knife owners is this the case?



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Nice idea, but no.

Would you buy this?

Would you buy this?

So many products, so little time!

Okay, there’s plenty of products out there, many of them good, wholesome products that will really change your life.


Time and again i’ve seen the products that can actually make your life better (i have no idea whether i’m endorsing this product or not), but the execution is so off-key that it alienates the people who really want to use it.

I can see this product delivered, internet order only, in a brown paper bag with the label ‘gift item’ to throw off any nosey neighbours who might catch you actually taking delivery of this heinous product.

There are a couple of things about this product that get me:

  • What does it support, apart from kidney failure?

  • In this, the twenty-first century, is there really room for products that have no relevance to how people feel and act? Okay, ‘does-what-it-says-on-the-tin,’ but who wants to wear that thing?

This is the opposite of inclusive design – it says ‘if you wear me, people will point at you and laugh, knowing that they are fundamentally better human beings than you are.’

I’m sorry, but that is just not acceptable.

Let the inventors of the world unite to bring people more beneficial products that they will be PROUD  to wear. Even in public!

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