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Country Lane Defence!

Don’t know why, but yesterday I couldn’t help coming up with a solution to the common problem of defending a country lane from potential attackers, including tanks.

Rather cunning, i thought. And economical, too.

Let’s just hope that society doesn’t crumble and that we’ll never have to use these booby traps. Hmm, might just make sure that crow scarer is handy, though.



Click on the image to see it bigger


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Mr Watson DVDs and more

After much searching on the internet i have settled on using DVDs as the plural of DVD.

Great! So what?

What that means is that I can now confidently start writing about the project I am engaged in at the moment – the Mr Watson DVDs project! Hooray!

The project is picking up momentum now, so I am considering whether to start a separate blog on the Mr Watson website. This needs a new look, its true, so perhaps I will take care of that first.

Which of the following three headers would you recommend I use?

At present I’m leaning more towards the middle one. Who knows!

Anyhoo, There’s this private view at the Barbican tonight, which is going to be tricky, as the wife and I have decided to try giving up booze for lent! What can I say, other than its good to challenge yourself…

So, until next time – arrivederci 🙂



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Population Explosion

The reasons for the population explosion of the 19th and 20th centuries became clear shortly after society crumbled, sometime in the 21st century.

It was at about this time, sadly just too late for many, that a power source both clean and immeasurable was discovered. Such was the depth and beauty of this source that engines for harnessing its power could be built with the simplest tools by anyone half conversant in the new technology.

The ready availability and exceptionally low cost of this power source had an equalising affect on the population of the Earth at that time. All material goods, personal gain and one-upmanship became something of a misnomer, once any person could produce as much of any item as they desired. There suddenly seemed to be no point to it all.

And, by and by, this lead to the invention of the time machine. It behoved people to return just a short time in the long history of this planet, (you could only stay on this planet; travel to other solar systems or even other planets was clearly a complete waste of time, due to the ridiculous distances involved), to the period perceived as the ‘boom-time’ in the long story of the Earth – the industrial and technological revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries.

It must have been a great time to be in, went the reasoning, as there were so many people around at the time…

As you may be able to tell by now, what actually happened is that almost half the people on the planet at that time were in fact not from that time, but from a short time in the future.

The situation was such that you had people leveraging their knowledge and savvy to become the oligarchs of that famed period in hostory, whilst certain ‘thrill-seekers’ spent time in the most overcrowded and inhospitable areas of the world – living life on the very edge of survival.

It got to such a point that these people, somewhat foolishly, did not keep track of the date. Hence, society duly crumbled, due to obvious reasons, and the majority died with the rest of humanity.

Those that were left after that horrendous time had a different perspective on it all, and promptly invented the new power source – and so it went on.

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Uh-Oh, He’s Started To Type Again

Click here for a more clear view

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Airport Tourist

In June 2005 a man wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, white knee-length shorts and no shoes passed through the security gates at Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport.

The security guards didn’t like him: he had no shoes, so they could not order him to take them off. He had no bag, so they could not search it. He did not set of the metal detector as he had no coins, keys or belt.

In fact, all he did have was a passport and boarding pass in the breast pocket of his shirt. It was a busy day, so they let him through.

The men monitoring the security cameras didn’t like him either. He stuck out like a clean patch on a soiled tea-towel, so they followed him with their cameras and they were surprised at what they saw.

The man, smiling faintly, walked every aisle of every shop, yet never touched or picked up any item.

He stood in every que at every coffee shop and fast food concession, yet every time he got to the front he just walked calmly on.

After he had done all this, he left the airport and was not seen again.

He was the worlds first airport tourist.

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I Believe That When i Fall in Love

I believ Tat When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever

Click to see it more closely


© Philip Watson 2009

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This is what I am going to DO

This is what I am going to DO

I like this blog.

I like the idea of writing whatever I want and that there might be someone, however remote, who might take an interest.

Following from that, I like using my typewriter to write short pieces of text.

These short pieces of text can be quite self-serving, but they can also be surreal stories, peoms or anecdotes that may be of interest to you.

What I am going to do is put these typewritten pieces up on the blog.

This is good for a couple of reasons;

  • I like writing them
  • You might like reading them
  • They don;t go on and on; generally i’ll stop at one page.
  • They are spontaneous and, as far as can make them, ‘true’. That is, I am not trying to contrive some end purpose or result, i just enjoy doing it for the sake of doing it.

So, what I will do is put up a ‘typewriter bubble’ every day or so. I may dip into my back catalogue (as I will do for the first one, just to see if it works – i.e. if its readable).

This will interest me and, the good lord willing, you.

These pieces have not been published or otherwise shown to the public before. I hope that this will not alter the way that I write them. I’m not sure if that matters.

About seven years ago I wrote something and someone said ’tis is of no interest to us, it’s boring, whay would we want to hear this?’. this hurt and I didn’t put any more of my writing out there again.

No doubt this will happen again, thanks to the multitude of opinons out there on the internet. We will just have to see how it goes.

I am going to write a new page called Claimer/Disclaimer, that will attempt to set out what I am trying to do and not do with the ‘typwriter bubbles’ (I’m for-ever blow-ing bubbles…)

Here goes then! Thanks for watching…




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