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Hello There!

Welcome to the Mr Watson Blog.

Here you will be able to see news and views from Mr Watson, as well as (hopefully!) relevant content from YoutTube about the world of technology education.

Mr Watson is developing a range of educational DVD’s for use in the Design & Technology classroom, to support GCSE and A-level courses in the UK.

Basically, I got fed up with not being able to find interesting and relevant videos to show my classes. So, what did I do? I decided to do something about it!

My hope is that the DVDs will be available by September 2010.

I also plan to roll out several short films, posted on YouTube, that will support the work done in the DVDs, as well as developing materials for the primary sector.

Hope you enjoy – let me know if there’ any videos that you’d like to see.


Mr Watson


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Mr Watson DVDs and more

After much searching on the internet i have settled on using DVDs as the plural of DVD.

Great! So what?

What that means is that I can now confidently start writing about the project I am engaged in at the moment – the Mr Watson DVDs project! Hooray!

The project is picking up momentum now, so I am considering whether to start a separate blog on the Mr Watson website. This needs a new look, its true, so perhaps I will take care of that first.

Which of the following three headers would you recommend I use?

At present I’m leaning more towards the middle one. Who knows!

Anyhoo, There’s this private view at the Barbican tonight, which is going to be tricky, as the wife and I have decided to try giving up booze for lent! What can I say, other than its good to challenge yourself…

So, until next time – arrivederci 🙂



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