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Hopes of a bright new future

Okay, so this is a hard one.

What i’m doing is thinking big thoughts about the nature of invention, the word today, state of umanity, the planet and how, in the name of all that is good, do Squishy Toes save anyone or anything?

As a new inventor, i could probably think up some new, niche market, amalagamated product such as toasters that do your eggs, but hopefully i won’t.

It’s difficult perhaps to think of products that immediately solve third world debt, shrinking ice caps or humanty’s seemingly inbuilt desire to destroy itself and all around it. But at least one should try, don;t you think?

As i’m finding my feet in this inventor lark, i pledge to gravitate towards high ideals and a better world. This will probably not translate into me be sainted, or perhaps even solvent, but, really, what else is there to do?

It’s good to get this down (on paper?), as i really do feel that an individual can make a difference by making a statement o intent, and trying his damndest to stick to it. So wish me luck





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