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Calendar Series #8 of 8

I finally cave on day 8 of the Calendar series! Check #1 to see what I was trying to do 🙂

Merry Christmas one and all xx

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Calendar Series #2

This is the second of the Calendar series from earlier this year.

Read the previous post to see what it’s about.

This is the first ‘actual’ typewritten page in this series.



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Spiritual matters

It really does.

I thought about developing products that help lead people towards the spiritual, but not in a new-agey kind of way. in an effective way.

First up i did some research – google etc. What I got was predictable enough – beads, prayer mats, buddhas, handbags (handbags?).

Not much to go on there – if people were inclined towards the ‘spiritual’ they will already have these.

So it seems what i’m talking about here is things that make people better people. So first, I thought, you have to identify what makes people worse poeple.

What do i mean by ‘worse’? I don’t mean violent or bitchy or anything too obvious like that, as i view these traits as symptoms rather than causes.

What i’m getting at is ‘what makes people not people’? When they are absorbed, mindless and passive. this made my search for what makes people worse people very easy!

Television, video games, computers.

All these things remove your necessity to act, to engage and to think independent, creative thoughts. they make you not a person.

Or so i thought.

What about nature programs, where you watch them, you are engaged and you see the world differently afterwards? Even more subtly programs like Strictly or X-factor allow you greater ability to socialse with your peer group, an important human trait.

Compter games do involve a degree of problem solving, of thinking in a certain way, and OMMRPG’s allow you to interact, creating a non-linear (as opposed to; do this, then this, then this…) environment.

however, they don;t leave you with anything; they allow only limited avenues for expression (all predetermined by program), and nothing physical, no physical experience (other than back ache) at the end of them.

TV involves no interaction on the part of the viewer. how can children use their imagination when it’s all there for them in brightly coloured 3D?

In addition to this, they are hypnotic. the tendency is for us to become passive and to just watch more, and more. and more. clearly this is less human than the hunter-gatherer type behaviour of our forefathers.

So, where am I now?

I don’t know. Asides from a sharp stick, i can’t think of anything right now that will inspire people to engage more with the world around them.

I am reading a lot of books about quantum physics, that are showing me a differnt way of looking at the world. Who knows.

What is important is that this i really important to me, and that i am trying. I am trying to help people be themselves, not what they are told they can be.

That can’t be a bad thing, right?

Anyone got any comments that will push me forward on this, would be most appreciated.




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No Adverts!

In exchange for something we want, we will agree to look at a certain quantity of advertising.

This is understood as a form of exchange – you give me free email, I get adverts down the side of the page. There are many examples of this.

But what are we exchanging? Our attention? The use of some part of our brain, connected to the visual cortex? Whatever it is, advertisers hope that it is more or less directly connected to an impulse to follow the advert, eventually allowing someone to connect to our bank accounts.

Many people don’t click through or, if asked, wouldn’t say that they even look at the adverts. However, they are still there, pulling on your attention, at the edge of your vision.

There’s a big question here:

Is the source of this attention finite or infinite? If infinite, then we are getting a good exchange. But, if it is finite, or somehow degradable, we may not realise the consequences of such transactions – until it is too late…

[cue ominous roll of thunder and flash of lightning, briefly illuminating your fear-filled face]




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Shit! Lets talk about money…

Okay, its come to the point where i want to work with someone on helping them develop their idea. We both want to work together, and agree that the venture should be profitable to both of us, in equal measure to what he has brought to the project.

Problem is- how the hell do we decide what this actually means!!

It’s easy, if i just help him develop a prototype and hand it over – then i should just charge an hourly rate; the more complex the prototype the longer it takes, the more it costs. Simple.

however, what if i want to offer more than that, if i want to offer my design and development expertise, or my opinions on directions in marketing the product, or introduce him to specific people i have in mind who can lend a hand? This doesn;t fit with the hourly rate…

It all comes down to risk, and how much i am prepared to gamble on this guys idea…

I need some professional advice, and quick!

PS: Do not contact me offering services of a business nature – i am well served in that department, and this post should in no way be construed as a request for a barrage of emails from ‘invention’ companies, venture capitalists from Peru or anything else.



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Meeting of two worlds

 Saving the world. All i can do at this stage is small things, even though systemic change is needed.

The difficulty is with getting out of the ‘western’ mindset. This is the thought process that leads you come up with stuff like USB food.

anathema to this is the, still western, idea that you can save the world by supporting one of millions of groups of activists, none of whom are coordinated enough to do more than cosmetically alter the way we conduct our lives. (pauses to refill cynicism drip).

I’d like to wake people up to the wider context within which we exist in the world, so that the above links become unnecessary. Of course, its hypocrisy again, as that would require me to lead by example and not use anything, such as a blog, that required electricity.

So you see my dilemma…

Still, the intention to change the world is still there. lets hope something comes of it!



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