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” I haven’t met anyone who regretted following their dreams”

I’ve just finished watching John’s interview with Tom Hodgkinson. Tom wrote How to Be Free which a friend bought me for christmas.

his book, i can confidently say, is what started me on the road to being where i am now. Ten months later i have given up my job as a school teacher and jumped feet-first into self employment.

Tom, in the interview, is absolutely right when he says that noone regrets going after their dreams. Even if this inventor lark doesn’t work out financially or whatever, it will still have been orth it. Just to know that it was something that i could do, and that i did it, gives a lovely warm feeling that would make office-drones puke.

Shortly after reading it i got help, from John, in the form of support and encouragement. John says that the ideal is to play all day and get paid. (one out of two so far, John!)

I got on to John through the ideas of Barbara Sher, who says that its okay to be intereseted in lots of different things, not just one thing. Halleluliah!

Its still early days, but at least im enjoying it 🙂

So thanks to everyone who’s influenced me a long the way, and to everyone who i’ve yet meet!





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A day of tidying up

weel, just got on with it today. seems that no matter how much clearing up there is to do, it always takes the same amount o time to do it.

Its good a t the moment, working rom home and under my own steam. Got to live the life you love, eh Barbara Sher?

For example, yesterday, instead of doin my usual research and development stuff here at home (and in the shed), i drove some friends to deepest Shropshire, where they filmed an actual hermit living on a hillside. Quite a sociable guy (for a hermit) and bloody lovely surroundings. Was  a good day.

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