Thought for the Day – the Sun

So, if the sun is the source of all heat for our planet, why does it get colder the further away from the earth’s surface you get?

Why is the vacuum of space -273 degrees C? Surely, with no atmospheric protection from the rays of the sun, one should receive the full heat straight away?

Indeed, should there not be a point where one can float, nearer the sun than we are, where space is actually quite hot?

This massive ball of gas, our sun, cannot just ‘end’ at a definite point, surely? It is, we are given to understand, a flaming ball of gas – surely it’s not a million degrees at one point and then, where ‘space’ starts, it’s -273?

I propose that there is a distance from the sun that one can stand, that is actually a comfortable room temperature. Beyond this point it gets progressively hotter, much like a terrestrial ‘barbeque’. Indeed, from this point in space, one could potentially offer a suasage on a stick in the direction of the sun, and in no time at all it would become a tasty, well-cooked snack. (space-chefs should note that, depending on the length of the stick, it may also become a, so familiar to the terrestrial bbq, ‘sausage-shaped lump of carbon’).

So confident am I of this prediction that I propose to send a dog into space on the next NASA mission, equiped with marshmallows, (to keep it simple for the dog), and a series of sticks of varying lengths.

Anyone who wishes to contribute towards the funding of this project, and hence share in the undoubtedly ‘astronomical’ rewards can visit our companion site,




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One response to “Thought for the Day – the Sun

  1. What a provocative and witty argument. Surely you could apply for government funding for such a project. In the mean time however you may like to think about this…

    If the Universe is expanding, and the furthest edges of the Universe are accelerating away from us and continue to do so, what will happen when they begin to approach (or even reach) the speed of light?

    Is this possible? I don’t know, but if it is then we have no way of knowing how many Suns, Planets and entire Galaxies are now accelerating away from us faster than their light can travel back to us!

    Just something to think about — I think about far too much!!

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